Family Business

  dates back to 1974, when the entrepneural spirit got the better of the group's founder and managing director C Sampath.

After a cherishing innings lasting a decade with the TVS group of companies, Mr Sampath, started his business venture - small machine shop under the name and style of SREEVATSA.

In early 80's, he decided to take the establishment in a new direction, applying his creative thinking to Stainless steel. This marked the ingress of stainless steel in to the Architecture, Building and the construction Industry.

Today, Sreevatsa Stainless has the 3 sons of Mr Sampath on board. Since then to today, our family has constantly looked for new ways to bring innovation and value to our customers.

Long ago we embraced an inventive spirit with a passion for extraordinary design. But design by itself was not enough. Our commitment has always been to match function with beauty. Our products never forsake sound engineering and manufacturing principles.

Cost, function, design and installation are equal partners at Sreevatsa.

Our reputation of quality and innovation has been our most precious asset.

We invite you to join Sreevatsa family of customers and partners.